Autodesk® Maya®

Autodesk® Maya® 2015 software adds significant new capabilities to its high-end character and effects toolsets with the Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform for simulating and rendering photorealistic liquids; the XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator for creating hair, fur, feathers, grass, foliage, and certain other instanced data; and an innovative new Geodesic Voxel Binding method for skinning. In addition, support for Pixar's OpenSubdiv libraries, enhanced polygon modeling tools, and new UV options help accelerate performance and increase artist productivity, while a new node-based visual shader editor offers an artist-friendly way to create and preview complex real-time shaders directly in the viewport.




Autodesk® Maya®

Toolsets for character creation and digital animation


Maya® software enables you to tackle challenging character creation and digital animation productions. Maya provides powerful integrated 3D animation, modeling, simulation, effects, and rendering tools on a robust and extensible CG pipeline core

Autodesk® Maya® FEATURES

  • Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform
  • XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
  • Bullet Physics
  • Maya nHair
  • Maya nParticles
  • Maya nCloth
  • Maya Fluid Effects
  • Rigid and soft-body dynamics
  • Maya Fur
  • Geodesic Voxel Binding
  • General animation tools
  • Character creation
  • Reusable animation
  • Camera Sequencer
  • Streamlined retopology toolset
  • Polygon modeling
  • OpenSubdiv support
  • UV toolset
  • Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex
  • Scripting and API
  • 2D and 3D integration
  • Data and scene management tools
  • Scene Assembly tools for smarter data
  • Advanced file path handling
  • ShaderFX