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Autodesk Renewal Policy Change & Late Fee Waiver



1. what is changing ?

Effective Februrary 1, 2016, Autodesk Subscriptions must be renewed before the contract expiration date to ensure uninterrupted customer access to products, services & benefits:

a) Maintenance Subscription will no longer allow renewal up to 364 after expiration; additionally, late fees will no longer apply.

b) Any Maintenance, Desktop, or Cloud Service Subscription must be renewed before expiration to maintain the existing subscription contract.

2. Why is Autodesk changing renewal policies ?

As Autodesk's subscription business transforms,more customers will have hybrid experience where they will need to manage multiple subscription types. Simplifying policies and aligning them across all subscription types will make things easier and friendlier for sales and our customers.

3. When is the policy effective?
The on-time renewal policy goes into effect for all contracts, regardless of the contract date, on Feb1,2016

4. What are the options for a customer whose contract does not renew on time ?

On time renewal is the best way to continue subscription. Customers who do not renew on time after Feb1, 2016 will have to purchase a new contract.

5. When does a contract resume once it's been renewed?
Renewed contracts resume 1 day after the expiration date, as opposed to the date of invoice.