AutoCAD / AutoCAD LT 2016 Fundamental Training (40 Hours, 5 Days)

The objective of this course is to enable students to create a basic 2D Drawing in AutoCAD. The teaching strategy is to start with the few basic tools that enable the student to create and edit a simple drawing and then continue to develop these tools. More advanced tools are introduced through out the course.


AutoCAD 2016 Advanced Training (24 Hours, 3 Days)

This course introduces advanced techniques and teaches you to be proficient in your use of AutoCAD. This is done by teaching you how to recognize the best tool for the task, the best way to use the tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently. The class includes Advanced Text Objects, Working with tables, Defining Dynamic Blocks and Attributes, Outputting and Publishing files for review, Managing Layers, CAD Management and System setup etc.

Pre-Requisite: AutoCAD 2016 Fundamental Training Course


AutoCAD 2016 Update Training for AutoCAD 2015 Users (1 Day)

This course introduces the new and enhanced features of AutoCAD 2016. Topics covered range from general improvement and command enhancement to new 3D modeling techniques and customization workflow. Some of the things that were Covered are Command Line, UCS, Ribbon, Multifunctional Grips, Object Selections, Chamfer, Join, Splaine etc.


AutoCAD 2016 Update Training for AutoCAD 2013/2014 Users (16 Hours, 2 Days)

This course introduces the new and enhanced features of AutoCAD 2016. Among the many changes in this new release are the primary methods for selecting command tools which include the Quick Access Toolbar, the Ribbon, and the Application Menu. Topics covered range from general improvement and command enhancement to new 3D modeling techniques and customization workflow.


AutoCAD Electrical 2016 Fundamental Training (24 Hours, 3 Days)

You will learn how to customize databases and other reference files to tailor AutoCAD® Electrical 2016 software to specific projects and company requirements. Also learn how to be more productive by updating title block attributes, generating automatic reports, using PLC I/O modules, managing cables, and using the circuit builder. Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios for the JIC (U.S.) standard are included.

Pre-Requisite:A working knowledge of AutoCAD and Electrical Terminology


Learning AutoCAD Mechanical 2016 (24 Hours, 3 Days)

Here, users learn the features, tools, and proper techniques for creating 2D mechanical drawings using AutoCAD® Mechanical 2015. The hands-on exercises, representing real-world design scenarios, teach users how to efficiently create mechanical designs and engineering production drawings.

Pre-Requisite:AutoCAD 2016 Fundamental Training


Inventor 2016 Introduction to Solid Modeling Training (40 Hours, 5 Days)

The Inventor 2016 Introduction to Solid Modeling training guide instructs students in the best usage approaches for parametric design philosophy through a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum. Students acquire the knowledge needed to complete the process of designing models from conceptual sketching, through to solid modeling, assembly design, and drawing production. The topics covered include: Inventor interface, Creating 2D sketches, Constraining and dimensioning sketches, Generating 3D parts from sketches, Part modeling, adding, and editing 3D features, Work Features etc.


Inventor 2016 Update Training from Inventor 2015 (8 Hours, 1 Day)

Learn the new and enhanced functionalities and workflows in Autodesk® Inventor® 2016. Using the new interface, learn how to become more efficient at creating digital prototypes using multi-body, plastic part, and sheet metal design tools. In addition, learn about the assembly modeling productivity enhancements which include restructure, shrink wrap, and assembly folders. Also learn how to take advantage of the Content Center, production drawing, analysis, translation, and data exchange enhancements within Autodesk Inventor 2016. Hands-on exercises representing industry-specific design scenarios are included


Inventor 2016 Advanced Part Modeling (16 Hours, 2 Days)

The goal of this guide is to build on the skills acquired in Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling by taking students to a higher level of productivity when designing part models in Inventor. In this course, we consider various approaches to part design and emphasize useful strategies. Specific advanced part modeling techniques covered include multi-body design, advanced lofts, advanced sweeps, coils, and surface modeling. Additional material aimed at increasing efficiency is also included: iFeatures for frequently needed design elements, iParts for similar designs, iLogic for automating designs, translation options for importing data, and the Engineer®s Notebook for communication.

Pre-Requisite: Inventor 2016 Introduction to Solid Modeling Training





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