Manufacturing Series Live Web Based Training

The classes are available or planned for presentation as live web based training. For more information on web based training, please see the instructions below

Pricing and Class Time

Cost: Quoted on Request , standard manuals provided. A maximum of 8 persons is recommended to assure quality and retention. Training time: TBD, includes 30 days of post-class personal mentoring (via phone and e-mail).

Class Description

Classes can cover Level I, II, or III content, or can be custom tailored to your needs. Generally, you will save money with this approach if you have 6 or more persons to train.


Equivalent experience commensurate with the subjects taught is highly recommended. Proficiency testing is available.

Save Money and Time with Custom Web Based Training

Live Web based training is efficient and cost effective. We can set a schedule to maximize your attendance, and space training sessions to fit your work schedule. While full day back to back training is possible, we recommend spacing training out to no more than two 3 or 4 hour sessions per week. This allows students to practice assignments and retain what is covered in the sessions. To obtain maximum benefit, we ask that you:


Have a clean, suitable training area that can be darkened for projector (If used), complete with one software compatible system for each student. All software needed for training must be installed and functioning correctly. Alternatives include allowing students to train from their permanent work location using their system and a pc headset. Your students may be located in different facilities virtually anywhere an internet connection exists.


Maintain complete privacy during training. Students never have to leave their work location to get superior training results.


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